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19th of December 2014, Sukhum. The President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul  Khadzhimba conducted a work meeting with the representatives of the Academy of sciences of Abkhazia (ASA). The following officials also participated in the meeting: 1st vice-premier Shamil Adzinba, 1st vice-speaker of the People’s Assembly – Parliament of the RA Daur Arshba, the head of the Administration of the President Astamur Taniya, 1st deputy head of the Administration of the President Dmitry Shamba, the minister for education, science, sports and youth politics Adgur Kakoba, Member of Parliament Akhra Bzhaniya. Greeting the participants of the meeting the President highlighted the importance of building effective cooperation between the state and scientific institutions of the republic and the fact that it should be of a comprehensive, mutually beneficial and systematic nature. “Only in this case should science not be on the outskirts, aside from the actual problems of the society and state building. Only in this case the prestige of the scientist would be raised, of course based on the financial possibilities”, said Raul  Khadzhimba.

The President appealed to the scientists to help the state in formation of scientifically based approaches in different spheres – economy, ecology, creation of a unifying national idea, preservation of historical and cultural traditions and the provision of the generation communication.

“I would like to highlight the importance of development and strengthening of the scientific relations with the international scientific society, because the science cannot develop in isolation without intensive information, technology and methodic exchange. We will by all means support this direction”, noted Raul  Khadzhimba. He asked the scientists to submit their proposals on treaty relations with various Russian scientific institutions and on participation in realization of joint projects.

The president entrusted the Academy of sciences together with the committee for state property and privatization to implement the inventory of ACA’s property and of all subordinate authorities. “We should be armed with full information necessary for regulation and planning of our joint work. Besides, we need to rearrange the finance control system so that it is used transparently, effectively and according to the intended purposes”, added the head of state.

President proposed that such meetings of the officials with the representatives of the scientific society of Abkhazia are conducted systematically for detailed discussion of the burning issues of the Abkhazian society.

The President of the Academy of sciences of Abkhazia Zurab Djapua thanked the Head of state for understanding the special role of science for Abkhazian society. He said that the establishment and the development of the Academy of sciences of Abkhazia took place in difficult after-war conditions. “All through the existence of ACA a lot of burning problems appeared which we cannot resolve without the support of the state leadership”, noted the President of ACA. He supported President’s idea of creation the Institute of economics and law and noted that there is acute need in such an institution. Zurab Djopua informed the president that the new charter of the ACA was signed and that they will later present it to the President. Raul Khadjimba informed the representatives of ACA that despite the economic difficulties the leadership of the country will do everything possible so that in 2015 and in upcoming years the financing of ACA and subordinate authorities will be provided under the Law of the Republic of Abkhazia on science and state budget.

The 1st vice-premier of the Republic of Abkhazia Shamil Adzynba highlighted that the fruits of scientific works and research should actively be used by the republic’s leadership when creating the strategy of state development of the country. In conclusion Raul Khadjimba highlighted that without the scientific approach we will not be able to build a long-desired independent, self-sufficient and well-fixed state.

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