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On September 10, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba gave a speech in which he addressed the people of the Republic of Abkhazia.


Dear compatriots!

For more than two weeks, our state lived in suspense before the end of the presidential elections.

As I have pointed out in my previous address, the election campaign has shown with clarity and transparency the strong and weak sides of democratic development in Abkhazia. In conditions of the active political life in the state, the contradictions in the viewpoints of the current government and the opposition, their mutual, and often unpleasant, criticism, we try to find points of contact connected to our future development and the formation of the value system of our independent state.

It is true that we often argue on the most important socio-economic, political and legal issues. A wide audience consisting of our citizens who, above all, value peace, stability and the overcoming of the existing obstacles follow these debates with interest. The elections have demonstrated that our citizens who participated actively in the first and second round of the elections care about the existing situation and the fate of future reforms. I would like to use this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to all people of the Republic of Abkhazia, to the distinguished representatives of national communities, to all voters, no matter what their political affiliations are, for the high sense of responsibility and a deep awareness of their civic duty that they have demonstrated.

Our votes see and value the achievements of the current government. At the same time, during our meetings, they openly point out which issues create obstacles to the development of different spheres. In my opinion, people do not care about the personal worries of politicians. People are seriously worried about the social and legal security of society, the strengthening of law and order, the fight against crime and the improvement in the quality of life of our population. The task of the leadership of the state and, first of all, the President is to change the situation with confidence and determination, overcome inertia, and ensure that government officials see the daily needs of our citizens. It is with this attitude that I ran for the second term and I hope that with your support, I will manage to noticeably change the situation for the better.

I am certain that the arguments around the results of the elections that cause tensions in our society will be solved peacefully and in accordance with the law. During the election campaign, international observers have witnessed the readiness of our society and our political parties to comply with generally accepted standards. This demonstrates that the political and legal culture has improved and that the wisdom and sensibility of our people can lead our state to a qualitatively new level.

During the presidential election campaign, in the course of my meetings with people, I have become sure once again that we have an intelligent and educated generation of young people who care about the fate of their state. We should give more attention to the problems of youth policy, the needs and social demands and problems of young people because it is they who will have to carry the heavy burden of state-building in the future.

When I assess the recent presidential elections, I become sure once again that it is necessary to be engaged in an extensive and constant dialogue with all social circles, with our distinguished veterans, the opposition parties, and their leaders. As before, I am ready for an open dialogue. We urgently need political discussions and a mutual exchange of opinions on all issues that concern our society. From my side, I will do everything that depends on me to create such an environment and I count on your reciprocity in this matter.

Dear citizens, I wish you peace, well-being, prosperity and the realization of all your good intentions and plans!


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