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President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba gave a speech to address the people of Abkhazia.


Dear compatriots!

The elections of the President of Abkhazia which took place on August 25 of this year is an important and significant event – another responsible stage in our modern history and the establishment of our independent state. The fact that the elections took place without tensions and in accordance with the Constitution and the current election legislation deserves high praise. Once again, this has shown the wisdom and sensibility of our people.

I express sincere gratitude to all people of Abkhazia, all our citizens for participating in the elections, for their initiative and political awareness, and their respect for democratic principles.

These elections have demonstrated the political maturity of society, the existence of a pluralism of opinion, and an ability to make a conscious choice.

The truly democratic character of the expression of the will of people is a source of pride for our state and all of us.

These elections are also unique because the competing political teams behaved ethically and respectfully without comprising stability and calm.

It is well-known that the establishment of a political system in a young independent state is quite a difficult process which is accompanied by significant problems of growth and development. Despite this, we walk this path with confidence and step by step.

We should treat with care the constitutional conquests, freedom and independence, to which the sons and daughters of Abkhazia have sacrificed their lives. We should demonstrate to the entire world our ability to build a legal and civilised state. Only the unity of people can become the foundation of the state, as well as the unity of views on the issue of the defence of national interests and traditional values.

The second round of the elections is ahead of us. The society should choose the path which the state will walk in the next five years.

I am confident that we should not stop to negotiate and cooperate with our political opponents with which we had difficult political relations at different stages in the past. Despite possible arguments, we are united by a single aim – the building of a free, independent, economically prosperous and secure Abkhazian state.

I call on all political forces to continue a calm, civilised and responsible election campaign in the period allotted before the second round of voting.

I do not doubt that the choice of our citizens will be conscious, just and motivated by a sincere care about the fate of our state.






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