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On June 19, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba made a working trip to the Gudauta District.

In Gudauta, six buses were given to the Gudauta District. They were acquired with the funds of the Investment program of assistance to the socio-economic development. Earlier, five such buses were given to the District.

Head of the Administration of the Gudauta District Ruslan Ladaria informed those present about the situation in the field of transport.

“The buses have been working for more than 10 years. They had to be replaced. Today, the District received 3 school buses and 3 village buses. We are happy about this. Especially the school buses have to be renewed since they are old, and we have to invest a lot of money to maintain them. There are 20 villages in our District, and new transport will be useful. The transport has not been distributed yet, there are many people who want it, and we will give it to those who need it most”.

Minister of Education and Science Adgur Kakoba remarked that the replenishment of the bus park would help to solve the transport problems of the District’s schools:

“Of course we do not have enough buses for every school in the state. Yet, the arrival of new transport will solve this problem to some extent and will make the lives of school students and teachers easier. These buses will be of great help to our schools. They will be useful in the holding of various events, such as school competitions or the republican school subject Olympiads since we face difficulties during the transportation of school students to the events in other cities and districts”.

The Head of State examined the construction of a bridge on the 4th of March Street in Gudauta, where the works are ongoing on the money from the republican budget.

A local resident Zaur Kharazia said that the destroyed old bridge impeded the flow of water, and the water used to flood the nearby houses:

“The water level reached one meter, and more than a hundred houses were damaged. Now we have a new bridge and the problem has been solved”.

Deputy Head of the state company “Abkhazberegozaschita” Alyas Sangulia spoke about the work that was done:

“Here a new bridge was built. The old one was dangerous and it created an obstacle for the passing of water, which is why a decision was reached to build a new bridge. Also, a retaining wall was built and the water passage – expanded”.

The Head of State examined the progress of repairs works in the Gudauta secondary school No.3 and the Lykhny secondary school. The rebuilding of schools is taking place with the funds of the Investment program of assistance to the socio-economic development.

School No.3 can accommodate 600 school students. The rebuilding process has started in 2017. The main building was repaired, a façade and boiler room were added, and a fire alarm system was installed. The main works have been completed.

Lykhny secondary school can accommodate 800 school students. The works were started in 2017. The building was old, the concrete parts were reinforced, wall panels were fixed, and inter-floor works were carried out. At the moment, communications are put into operation, the fire alarm system is installed, and it remains to carry out the beautification of the territory. By the start of the school year, the school will be commissioned.

The President summed up the results of the working trip:

“The works on the roads and the bridge have been completed. The bridge is quite important for the residents of the nearby houses. Every year, there were difficulties connected to the floods. Today, this issue has been solved. Speaking of schools, we are happy that they exist. The most important thing is for them to be filled. It is important to bring the children back to their native schools. I hope that the repaired school in Lykhny will allow the parents to bring their children back to the village. This school is worthy of any city”.








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