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On July 9, President Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with children from the countries of residence of the Abkhazian diaspora who are on a familiarisation visit in the Republic of Abkhazia.

The Head of State greeted the participants of the meeting and remarked that the visit of children to Abkhazia is a joyful event for the state.

“Your visit to Abkhazia brings us a lot of joy. There should be many similar initiatives. New friendly and brotherly relations should be created and strengthened, and young people should continue participating in such projects. I would like to know more about your impressions, about what you have seen and how you have spent the time in Abkhazia”, - said the President.

The children spoke about their stay in Abkhazia and shared their impressions.

Edrem Khalvash thanked the organisers for the opportunity to see their historic Homeland:

“We have visited many different places and saw almost all Abkhazia. We tell our friends and relatives about what we have seen. I cannot express everything that I feel, but I can certainly say that what is happening brings us joy”.

Oykyu Atryshba also shared her thoughts with the participants of the meeting:

“I would like to thank very much everyone who has given us this opportunity. I feel great joy and I have many impressions. We have found new friends and we had an opportunity to get to know our Homeland”.

Iosif Arkhaga spoke about his wish to return to his historical Homeland and study in Abkhazia.

“I think that for those children who participated in this project, this is the first step on the path of returning to their origins. They have had an opportunity to see their historical Homeland. They saw independent Abkhazia, and this is a big event”, - said Minister of Repatriation Beslan Dbar at the meeting.

One of the heads of the delegation of the project’s participants Shamil Eshba remarked that children are delighted to share their impressions of what they saw in Abkhazia:

“The children liked Abkhazia very much. When they called home to their parents, they said that they fell in love with this country and that the parents should come here too. A lot of work was done, and the project received a lot of attention. Thank you, everyone, who has participated in organising it”.

At the end of the meeting, an exchange of gifts took place.

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