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On June 24, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a meeting of the Security Council in connection with the situation in Georgia.

The Head of State commented that the statements that have been voiced lately by the Georgian government in relation to Abkhazia are unacceptable.

The President remarked that the point of view that Abkhazia is occupied, which is actively supported by the Georgian President and other Georgian officials, is invalid. Raul Khadzhimba stressed that the Republic of Abkhazia is an independent state that develops relations of alliance with the Russian Federation on a solid legal basis. The relations between the two states develop on the principles of equality and by taking into account mutual interests.

“What is happening in Georgia today is an internal political standoff, but its participants try to blame Russia in the current situation. The current Georgian government and the opposition should reject the terms such as “occupied territories” in relation to Abkhazia and South Ossetia and solve their internal political tasks without trying to involve our independent states in them”, - said the President.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Daur Kove informed the participants of the meeting that during the upcoming round of the Geneva International Discussions, representatives of the Republic of Abkhazia will raise the issue concerning the offensive remarks made by a Georgian parliamentarian from the rostrum of the Georgian Parliament in relation to the people of Abkhazia.

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