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On June 19, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba made a working trip to New Athos.

The Head of State inspected the place for the construction of a kindergarten which will be built using the funds of the Investment program of assistance to the socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The construction of the facility has started in 2017, and it is scheduled for commissioning by September 2019.

“Everything is going according to the plan. Speaking of plumbing, the work will be finished soon, as everything has been prepared for the installation. The ventilation and fire system have been installed, and only the sensors remain to be installed. Electricity and water pipes are also being set up. Works to beautify the territory are ongoing at the moment”, - informed Head of the Department of Capital Construction of the Republic of Abkhazia Igor Mikvabia.

According to the Head of New Athos Felix Dautia, the kindergarten has the capacity of up to 140 children.

The President also inspected the construction works in the building of the Youth Palace that are being done using the funds of the republican budget. A semi-destroyed building was reconstructed, and a library was added in the course of the works. At the moment, the majority of the works have been completed and all communications lines installed.

“This building was in bad condition. We tried to reconstruct it using our own funds. There are many young people in this city and many people who want to live an active cultural life. We aim to achieve this”, - remarked the Head of State.

Head of New Athos Felix Dautia commented on the great importance of the reconstruction of this building for the residents of New Athos:

“We, the residents of New Athos, have turned to the President of Abkhazia with a request to help us reconstruct the building. Our request was met, and funds for the construction were allocated. On the second floor of the building, we will have a library and a chess club. We have many visitors, but we do not have a house of culture. There is no space for holding concerts. A little remains to be done, and we will have a serious and beautiful ‘hearth of culture’”.

The President also inspected the new lobby of the New Athos Cave. The construction works have been completed with the funds of the republican unitary enterprise “The Complex of the New Athos Cave”.

Head of the republican unitary enterprise “The Complex of the New Athos Cave” Miron Chalmaz explained why a new lobby was required:

“In the summer period, many people visit the New Athos Cave, and it was difficult to accommodate all people in the hall. It was also difficult to use the electric terminal that has been installed here by the decree of Raul Dzhumkovich. Today we can correctly, in accordance with the legislation, issue tickets to our tourists, provide them with more comfortable conditions for visiting the cave and preserve the cave better”.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Avtandil Gartskia also commented on the big importance of building a new lobby to increase the comfort of tourist and citizens of the state who visit the cave.








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