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On June 18, the giving of buses to the districts of the Republic of Abkhazia acquired with the funds of the Investment program of assistance to the socio-economic development has taken place. President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba participated in this event.

Prime Minister Valeriy Bganba said that at the moment, 20 buses have arrived, 5 of which will be sent to the Gagra District, 5 – to the Gudauta District, 5 – to Sukhum, 3 – to Tkuarchal, one bus – to Ochamchira and one more – to the Abkhazian State University. The arrival of 13 more city buses is expected, and they will be sent to Sukhum.

At the start of July, 15 school buses and 14 village buses will be received. Three buses will be sent to the Gal District.

The President commented on the importance of this program for the state:

“The buses that we had have grown old, and they had to be renewed. We need buses for the transfer of our citizens and tourists. We are a tourist state, and this acquisition will benefit this sphere as well”.

Head of New Athos Felix Dautia remarked that the buses will become an important acquisition for the residents of New Athos:

“We did not have our own buses, neither schools nor city buses. On behalf of the residents, I would like to thank everyone who organised this”.

Bus drivers also commented on the importance of replacing old buses.

“We still use buses of the Icarus company. They are about 40 years old, and as you understand, it is difficult to find spare parts for such old vehicles. I am from Tkuarchal, and it is a remote city, which is why we really need buses”, - said bus driver Guram Kakoba.



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