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On June 1, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba congratulated the citizens of the state on the International Children’s Day.

The congratulation states, in particular:

“I sincerely congratulate you on the International Children’s Day!

This holiday is another reminder for the adults about their responsibility to protect the young generation and ensure their well-being. The sacred duty of parents, the society and the state is to protect children from difficulties and adversity and to provide them with conditions for their full development.

The state has a special responsibility to provide children with opportunities to get a good education, healthcare services and to develop in different vital fields of life. The state will do everything that depends on it to achieve these goals. However, needless to say, this work should be intensified every day.

Our children proudly represent their Homeland in different fields, including sport, art and science. We are rightfully proud of them.

I would like to say the words of special gratitude to all those who invest their energy, soul and knowledge into the upbringing of the younger generation, and also to those whose meaning in life and profession is to care for these children.

I wish you strong health, peaceful sky and successes in all beginnings”.


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