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On April 11, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba held a security council meeting on the issues of the storage of solid household waste in Sukhum.

It was remarked during the meeting that in order to shut the landfill in the Mayak district of Sukhum, it is necessary to build a new landfill with sorting equipment that would have the capacity to accept the same amounts of waste.

The allocation of funds for this project can be agreed upon by the Intergovernmental committee of Abkhazia and Russia. Some funds envisaged in the Investment program can be used to build a landfill in the Gulripsh District. The next meeting of the Intergovernmental committee will take place in May 2019.

The construction works to build the landfill, including the carrying out of ecological, geodetic, hydrological, hydrometeorological and geological surveys, and the preparation of project and work documentation will take about six months.

At the end of the meeting, a decision was reached to shut the landfill in the Mayak district of Sukhum on November 30, 2019. During this time, all the necessary activities will take place to build and commission the landfill for the disposal of solid waste with preliminary separation into different categories.


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