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On March 26, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba had a meeting with the People’s Artist of Abkhazia Violetta Maan on the occasion of her birthday.

The Head of State commented on the role of Violetta Maan in the culture and art of the Republic of Abkhazia.

“You are well-known not only at home, but also abroad. You are loved, there are no people here who are indifferent to you and your art. May everyone who loves theatre have an opportunity to see you, talk to you and learn from your experience and wisdom. I wish you strong health, prosperity and successes in everything”, - said the President.

Violetta Maan thanked the President for the congratulations.

“Thank you for your invitation and the attention. From the first day of performing on stage, I did everything to put my soul into my profession. If I succeeded in doing something useful for my people, it is the biggest gift for me. If even for a few seconds I managed to bring some joy into the lives of our people, I can say that I have done my duty. I want our theatre to which I have dedicated my life to continue moving forward, after it has overcome all its difficulties”, - said Violetta Maan.

General Director of the Abkhazian State Drama Theatre Nodar Chanba joined in the congratulations:

“I remember well that it was almost impossible to find tickets for the premiere plays starring you. I could not even imagine that we would be working in the same theatre. I thank God that you work in our theatre, as it is a great honour for all of us. You are an example for the young people, and it is very important”.

Adviser to the President on Science, Culture and Education Vladimir Zantaria stressed that Violetta Maan made a significant contribution to the development of Abkhazian theatre. Minister of Culture and the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Abkhazia Elvira Arsalia remarked that as part of the celebration of Violetta Maan’s birthday, theatre performances will be organised which will be dedicated to this event.


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