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On December 5, President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khadzhimba made a working trip to the Ochamchira and Tkuarchal Districts.

The Head of State examined the place for the construction of a kindergarten in Ochamchira. General Director of the state company “Apsnyrgylara” Temur Tkebuchava informed the President about the progress of the work.

“The construction of this pre-school educational facility began in June of last year. An old building stood here. We demolished it and built a new one. Today, all monolithic work and roofing have been completed. Also, ventilation and internal wiring are complete. The deadline for completion of the facility is 2019 - the end of the first half of the year. We plan to finish everything on time for the building to be ready to use. The kindergarten will accommodate 80-100 kids. It will have a playground and inside, there will be everything necessary for this type of facilities”, - said Temur Tkebuchava.

Head of the Department of Capital Construction Igor Mikvabia informed those present that modern insulation materials have been used for the façade of the building. They will help to save at least twice the energy.

The President also examined the progress of the works on the highway “Tkuarchal-Bedia”.

General Director of the state company “Apsnyrgylara” Temur Tkebuchava spoke about the works on this facility: “Last year, we have completed the works as part of the Investment program. We have built five retaining walls in five places along the highway. At the moment, we are building four bridges, two of which are almost complete. These four bridges are being financed at the expense of the republican budget”, - said Temur Tkebuchava.

Head of the state company “Abkhazavtodor” Boris Achba explained that roadworks on this site have been stopped as the specialists have detected bridge subsidence: “The length of the highway is 11.5 kilometres. The works have started in 2017, but we had to stop them because the bridges began to subside. The leadership of the state took over the building of these four bridges, after which the works will be continued. Because of the weather, we will postpone the asphalt laying works until the first quarter of the next year. Four kilometres of the asphalt remain to be done. The residents have said that there are problems with the water pipes – we will be examining and replacing them as now we have the time to do that”.

The President also visited the place of construction of the Central district hospital in Tkuarchal. The works on this site are being done with the funds of the Investment program of assistance to the socio-economic development of the Republic of Abkhazia.

General Director of the state company “Apsnyrgylara” Temur Tkebuchava informed the President about the progress of the construction works: “Presently, tiles have been bought for the entire facility. Windows are being installed, as well as 55 fire doors. Electricity works are underway, and roofing is completed. Snow guards and railings have already been installed in one part of the building. Engineering works are almost complete, such as the installation of boilers and a fire tank. At the moment, we are doing the finishing works. Next year, we will work on the façade”.

Head doctor of the Tkuarchal Central district hospital Lali Gurgulia spoke about the main characteristics of the hospital: “The hospital has 49 beds, plus 15 beds in the infectious diseases ward. We will have therapeutic, surgical, obstetric-gynaecological and pediatric wards. There will also be a clinic, which will be responsible for the outpatient service. After the reconstruction, the hospital will be in good condition, and we will have more specialists in different fields. Also, the hospital will be equipped with the necessary new equipment”.

The Head of State assessed the construction works on these facilities.

“The speed of construction is quite good. The most important thing is to receive the planned financial assistance. Without a doubt, all works will be completed by the deadline. First of all, it is the highway connecting Tkuarchal and Bedia and other villages of the district. This highway is important. During the war, it helped to solve many issues. Today, we face peacetime issues. People have to have an opportunity to travel conveniently in and out of the city. Speaking about the hospital, the works that have been envisaged in the plan are being done and will be completed in accordance with the schedule”, - said the President.

The Head of State also remarked that resources will be found to complete the works on the territory of the Tkuarchal market.


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