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The Vice President’s Speech at a Rally Dedicated to the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War


On May 9, Vice President of the Republic of Abkhazia Vitali Gabnia gave a speech at a rally dedicated to the Victory Day of the Great Patriotic War.


Today we celebrate the day when the Great Patriotic War ended and the act of surrender of fascist Germany was signed. 73 years after the end of the Great Patriotic War, we belong to a generation that 25 years ago survived the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia. War always comes unexpectedly and it breaks human destinies.

We have come to realise that we are not the heroes. The heroes came before us! In the war that lasted 5 years, the nations of the Soviet Union sacrificed tens of millions of lives and earned this Great Victory! Even our small Abkhazia sent around 55.5 thousand fighters to the frontlines. 17430 sons and daughters of Abkhazia sacrificed their lives for freedom. Volunteers from Abkhazia heroically fought at the walls of the Brest Fortress, on the outskirts of Moscow, and in the Caucasus. They stood by the walls of Leningrad, near Sevastopol, Novorossiysk and Odessa. They liberated the cities and states of Europe.

Victory could not have come without the bravery of the courageous fighters and the heroic combat support consisting of women and teenagers who replaced the men who left to the front. The history of the celebration of May 9 is a symbol of the unbreakable will of the nations of the Soviet Union and the triumph of Peace and Freedom. We have no right to forget these pages of history. National pride of the young generations and their love of Homeland are developed through the knowledge of history, symbols and rituals. When we stroll along the waterfront with our children, we have to find an opportunity to lay flowers at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier at least once a year. Pray for peace and bring up your children to be respectful of those who defended their Homeland.

The St. George Ribbon became a symbol of gratitude for peace and the respect of the veterans. Everyone who held it in their hands before and during the celebration show that they remember the price that was paid for freedom. When we bow down before the greatness of the heroic deeds of the immortal soldiers, let us wish our nations a peaceful sky above their heads, prosperity and the fulfilment of wishes. Dear veterans, you are the symbols of this Victory. Happy Victory Day to all of you, happy Victory Day, Apsny!

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