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Vitali Gabnia’s Speech at the Ceremony of the Opening of the Monuments to the Generals Sultan Sosnaliyev and Sergei Dbar


On September 30, Vice President of the Republic of Abkhazia Vitali Gabnia made a speech at the ceremony of the opening of the monuments to the generals Sultan Sosnaliyev and Sergei Dbar in the Park of Military Glory in Sukhum.


Dear compatriots, guests, dear veterans and our mothers. I sincerely congratulate you on Victory Day!

25 years ago, Georgia started a war to destroy our people. On August 14, 1992, Georgian forces invaded the Republic of Abkhazia. On August 14, Chairman of the Supreme Council Vladislav Ardzinba addressed the people of Abkhazia through television with a call to come to the defence of their Homeland.

Then in 1992, we had a choice to defend ourselves, our families and our shrines, or to bend the knee. We went to war with a 5 million Georgia despite everything, without hoping to win. It is in these difficult days that the volunteer movement has played a decisive role.

Volunteers from among the Ukrainian nationalists fought on the Georgian side. The Confederation of Mountain Peoples fought on the side of Abkhazia and gave it a brotherly support. From all the republics of North Caucasus, volunteers started to arrive by crossing the mountain passes. They came alone or in groups and entered the armed formations of the nascent army. Representatives of the Abkhazian diaspora of Turkey, citizens of Pridnestrovie and the Cossacks of the South of Russia came to our aid. We understood that we were not alone and knew that we would win.

In the war which lasted 413 days, a historic event happened on September 28 – the meeting of the Western (Gumista) and Eastern fronts. The day of liberation of our capital Sukhum is a symbol of our Victory, after which the enemy could not recover. Abkhazian forces pursued the retreating enemy, reached the Abkhazian-Georgian border and hoisted the Victory banner – the State Flag of Apsny!

Today, 24 years hence, we stand by the Memorial of Glory, where to this day the process of exhumation and identification of our unidentified comrades and fighters who went missing takes place.

Today, on the day of the start of the war, we remember our comrades who gave the most valuable thing – their lives so that Abkhazia would exist and we would live. We remember the symbols of our Victory represented by the commanders and soldiers who ensured our Victory.

Today we are opening obelisks, monuments to the heroes of the Patriotic War of the People of Abkhazia who are the symbols of our Victory:

First Minister of Defence of the Republic of Abkhazia, Lieutenant-General Sultan Sosnaliyev, who was one of the first volunteers to defend Apsny. Lieutenant-General Sergei Dbar – commander of the Soviet and Abkhazian army, a son of the Abkhazian people. Eternal memory to all who gave their lives for the freedom and independence of Apsny. Long live our freedom!



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