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A Statement by the Press Service of the Republic of Abkhazia


Recently in Gagra, at one of the meetings of the war veterans, statements were uttered that caused resonance in our society. They were based on one of the worst phenomena of our civilization – nationalism. This is a catastrophe, which after becoming a national ideology in some countries, led to their demise and caused suffering to the people. It is enough to remember the tragedy that happened in the 20th century – the Second World War, as a result of which millions of innocent people died. One of the main reasons for this war was the ideology based on nationalism. We know well what this led to. However, at the end of the 20th century, the Georgian leadership did not take this into account and, armed with this ideology, started a war and led our nation to the brink of destruction. Only courage and endurance of the multinational people of Abkhazia, which was always tolerant to all nations and religions, changed the situation. It would be a great mistake to equate patriotism with nationalism, since there is a great gap between them. In the first instance, there is love of one’s country, in the other – hate of others. An attempt to divide our multinational people only helps our enemies. Abkhazia is our common home, our fortress and our hearth. We will not allow anybody to destroy it from within.
We have something to be proud of and to show to the world. Our people have come a long way, and this path was by no means easy. We were illuminated by hopes for the bright future for our children, and the love of Homeland gave us strength. Even today our life is full of tests. However, armed with hate, we will not be able to build anything; we will come to the edge of an abyss instead. No one will allow this to happen here.

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