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List of documents to be enclosed with the statement to citizenship of the Republic of Abkhazia for the simplified procedure without adherence to the terms covered by Article 13 of the Law (docket from the Statute of order of consideration of citizenship issues enacted by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia):


1)      Family composition certificate;

2)      Copy of the domestic passport;

3)      Military status document (under 50 years of age);

4)      Document confirming your special merits to the Republic of Abkhazia or mankind (documents indicating rewards, ranks, titles, etc.) or document confirming the possession of profession or qualification of particular state interest for Republic of Abkhazia (notarized copy of diplomas and copies of documents confirming academic degree);

5)      Pleading of a concerned state body, organization, institution, enterprise of the Republic of Abkhazia;

6)      2 3х4 photos



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